Reduce records management digitization costs with data automation

Check out our white paper on how Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) improves accuracy and reduces resource costs.

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Secure digitization & document processing

Digitize structured, semi-structured, or unstructured data including forms, images, and other documents. We specialize in sensitive data including patient data such as service treatment records.

Use Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) to automate processing and indexing of forms and data for claims, benefits, and human capital management documents.

Comply with the new quality standards for Memorandums M-19-21 and M-23-07 outlined in the National Archives & Records Administration (NARA) May 4, 2023 final rule on digitizing permanent records.

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Correct misfiles & data risks

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solutions include our D3TECT solution that identifies and corrects record misfiles, including misfiled patient records that cause HIPAA violations.

Check out our White Paper Use Case on digitization and misfiles correction of service treatment records.

Redact or anonymize data

Speed data sharing while reducing tedious manual tasks with our Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solutions for FOIA and ROI requestsand data anonymization for research and analytics.

Save over 40% manual review time using our R3DACT solution for supervised automated redaction.

Use our D3CODE solution to automate data extraction and anonymization for research and analytics.

Patient record onboarding

Healthcare digital transformation solutions include digitization of healthcare records, and semi-automated onboarding of patient and service treatment records into Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems, including MHS Genesis.

Check out our Infographic on Healthcare Digitization & HIPAA challenges for Protected Health Information.

Data discovery & tagging

Classify data and manage risk using D3 Data Discovery to filter, search, tag, and workflow risks while leaving data in place. 

Visit Resources to check out our Zero Trust white paper, Infographic, and webinar on managing the data pillar of Zero Trust featuring cybersecurity expert Chuck Brooks.

OSINT & data intelligence

D3CIPHER enables remote document and image capture with translation in the field. Transfer images back to base and use D3 Data Discovery to collect, correlate, and analyze.

We also offer web and social data intelligence solutions for data aggregation and data visualizations. Contact us to learn more.

Common Data Automation Use Cases

M-19-21 Compliance

Achieve compliance with M-19-21 and the National Archives & Records Administration's May 4, 2023 rule emphasizing quality control, metadata, and validation for digitizing permanent records.

Healthcare Digital Transformation

Digitize federal service treatment records (STRs), process patient records, onboard records for Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems, and correct misfiled patient records to avoid HIPAA violations.

Security, Zero Trust & Data Privacy

Aggregate, index, visualize, and control data for security and intelligence. Index and tag over 950 file types from remote, cloud or hybrid data sources using risk filters to visualize and workflow for Zero Trust microsegmentation or data intelligence projects.

FOIA & Release of Information

Save review time for regulatory requests using federated search and risk filters to find sensitive data including Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to classify and workflow, or bulk process using automated redaction.

Data Sharing, Analytics & Research

Extract and protect data for data sharing, analytics, and research using data discovery with federated search, filters, and workflows. Anonymize sensitive data using bulk IDP automation.

Cloud Migrations & Data Governance

Automate indexing of petabytes of data with pattern matching and similar-file filtering plus search and user controls to enable removal of ROT (Redundant, Obsolete, Trivial) files for retention schedules and automated declassification.

Automated Data & Records Processing

Meet timely digitization goals with AI/ML/OCR IDP data automation to bulk process data for claims, benefits, and other projects. Ingest, tag, process, extract, and categorize unstructured and structured data with metadata.

Data Intelligence & OSINT

OSINT platform development for custom data missions in the field and web-based data intelligence. Remote data capture, aggregation, discovery, and translation. Web and social intelligence data scraping, aggregation, and visualization.

Capabilities Statements

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Capabilities Statement for Federal Health Agencies