Intelligent Document Processing

Sensitive data automation for redaction, anonymization, and misfiled records

Check out our white paper on how Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) speeds throughput while improving accuracy and reducing resource costs.


skewed and poor quality data?


form variation?

structured, semi-structured, or unstructured data?

require human approval?

reduce manual processing and review time by up to 80% with IDP automation and customizable supervision rules

Solve data challenges with IDP machine learning and human-in-loop workflows

Document processing with automated data extraction

Automate bulk processing of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured records and data using Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) to save up to 80% manual review time and reduce human resource costs. 

Setup custom workflows with confidence scoring and quality checks for claims and benefits processing, invoice processing, customer onboarding, or other data processing. 

Misfiled records correction

Use our D3TECT Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solution to identify and correct record misfiles by comparing expected sensitive data in form fields using machine transcription and automated workflows. Human-in-the-loop custom supervision efficiently empowers records correction.

Check out our White Paper Use Case on misfiles correction of service treatment records.


Patient record onboarding

We support healthcare digital transformation with efficient  semi-automated onboarding and indexing of patient and service treatment records into Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems. Contact us regarding onboarding into the Genesis Military Health System (MHS).

Check out our Infographic on Healthcare Digitization & HIPAA challenges for Protected Health Information.

Automated redaction and anonymization

Save over 40% manual review time using our R3DACT IDP solution for human-supervised automated redaction for FOIA and ROI requests. Machine transcription on bulk records speeds record redaction including exemption codes, with human-in-the-loop approval and quality checks.

Use our D3CODE solution to harvest data assets for research and analytics projects by automating data extraction and sensitive data anonymization to speed data-sharing missions.

D3TECT & R3DACT Demo on IDP for Misfiled Records & Redaction

our professional services team are experts in intelligent document processing

WorkSmart™ is Anacomp’s project management services solution leveraging 20 years of records management and processing experience, as well as Lean Six Sigma methodologies. Our team provides recommendations for compliance gaps, process improvements, timelines, and cost savings.

We have saved organizations $72 million/year through improved records management workflows and efficient digitization.

Our WorkSmart™ team analyzes records management data to develop the WorkChart matrix, a comprehensive reporting solution that shows the complete picture of performance data and document record data. We use the assessment to calculate the “as is” cost to organizations to identify potential savings based on implementation of electronic process improvements delivered in a detailed cost model. 

The value of WorkChart has been demonstrated in large organizations over decades, each with numerous document types and associated workflows. 

Our professional services personnel have security clearances and offer decades of experience with programming and project management certifications in Python, Power BI, Lean Six Sigma, ECM, BPM, and partner technologies including cloud platforms such as AWS.

Solution Briefs

D3TECT Data Validation, Remediation & Record Misfiles Correction Solution
R3DACT AI/ML Automated Redaction Solution
D3CODE AI/ML Data Extraction & Anonymization for Analytics & Research
Healthcare Intelligent Document Processing Solutions