Don't Miss Opportunities Hidden in Dark Data

Accurate Analytics Require a Complete Data Backbone

D3 Solutions Ensure Dark Data Is Included Within Analytics

Anacomp has provided information governance, regulatory compliance, and records digitization services for over 100 federal government agencies

If you are only analyzing structured data in data silos, your organization could be missing out on major opportunities to harness data value in huge hidden data stores containing operational insights, cost and resource data, pricing, department and agency interactions, and other key data information and assets.

According to a 2017 Deloitte Tech Trends Report on “Dark Data: Illuminating Opportunities Hidden within Structured Data,”  organizations have only explored a tiny fraction of the data universe for analytics value. And what’s more, Deloitte cited IDC projection that organizations that analyze all relevant data and deliver actionable information might achieve an extra $430 billion in productivity gains over their peers who may not tap into their hidden data. That’s a pretty big incentive to find the right tools to light up your dark data. 

Traditional unstructured can include emails, notes, messages, documents, logs and notifications from IoT devices that don’t live in a relational database. Unstructured data estimates from IDC and other sources cite at least 80% of data may be unstructured and hidden. Nontraditional unstructured can include audio and video files and still images, among other non-text formats. 

Without knowing what you have, you can’t effectively tap into these valuable data stores to mine them for valuable planning and operational value. 

But there is a solution. Know what data you have so you can analyze the whole picture of your data estate and harvest value from what you already own.

Anacomp’s data visibility and digital transformation solutions enable comprehensive data estate indexing via content, source and attribute mapping for all unstructured and structured data. 

Our services and software include digitization, AI/machine learning and OCR content extraction, automated indexing of high-volume petabytes of files with customizable metadata, federated search for compliance and regulatory requests, and a continuously updated, drill-down inventory of digital files with notifications and monitoring for interdepartmental management.

Data Visualization & Assessment Solutions


Discovery & Classification for Compliance

D3 is the only solution that solves the problem of automated data estate inventory and identification, with customizable metadata assignment for all records based on actual content, context and data source location.



High-Volume Record Digitization

If the agency has physical records and desires digitization, Anacomp provides high-quality digitization services of paper, micrographic and large format drawings with associated metadata to facilitate search, retrieval and records management.

Anacomp offers turnkey solutions to Federal agencies for the digitization of official records with implementation in days, not months.

Secure Records Control

Complete physical and electronic chain of custody management is delivered through Anacomp’s proprietary document and production control systems.

Anacomp conversion centers have Federal Government Authority to Operate (ATO) that complies with all requirements of:

RIM Professional Consulting Services

Anacomp is a leading U.S. provider of RIM (Record & Information Management) consulting services and engagement offering an actionable plan for record management, including high-volume digitization of records.


We have developed a proven, highly developed and refined holistic methodology to evaluate records management systems and streamline transition from paper-based to electronic records processes.


RIM assessment and engagement process is designed to assist agency customers in identifying full records inventory, including:


RIM assessment delivers an actionable plan that encompasses each agency’s business case including:

The scope may also include assessment of the company’s electronic file shares and recommendations for digitization or archival storage of physical records.

Tom Cunningham
Anacomp CEO

The example above shows a drill down on “patent” in the previous menu word cloud. Metadata is customizable and some of the typical metadata include:

  • File Content
  • Date of Creation & Last Modified
  • File Size
  • Author
  • Document Type
  • File Location Path

Run a User-Defined Query on Data to Identify Risks & Opportunities

Solutions for All Your Digital Data Challenges

M-19-21 Directive Challenge

NARA federal mandate to digitize all files by December 31, 2022

Petabyte volumes of physical files and unstructured dark data with no metadata index

PII and classified data requiring identification and efficient management via auto metadata indexing

D3 can help you digitize, index and manage your data with confidence

FOIA & Declassification Challenges

Increasing regulation including FOIA, HIPAA and other regulations require ongoing and timely PII management

Over-retention risk monitoring while maintaining compliance with data retention requirements

Unknown or unidentified PII data within unstructured data that require application of appropriate security controls

Fines and reputation risk from data breach or non-compliance

WorkSmart & D3 can help you manage your entire data estate with proper controls and data compliance with confidence

Data Security & Privacy Challenges

Data identification down to the content level to assign role-based security to unstructured file shares

High volumes of potentially unprotected texts, emails and other unstructured data

PII data duplicated and unprotected in multiple data sources

D3 can help you identify, assess and secure your data with confidence

Cloud & Data Migration Challenges

Lack of visibility of ROT (Redundant, Obsolete, Trivial) data

Inability to properly classify and merge data sources

Exposure to security risks and ransomware

Interdepartmental review and assignment of data for migration and systems integration

D3 gives you a holistic view of your entire data estate so you can assess and manage risk and ROT and assign role-based security with confidence